Bloody Sizzurp

from by New Apple Taste

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Got 3 ounce of weed and it's nothing
I'm looking for something stronger that will get me high ‘till next morning
I'm stuning, sweaty palms and forehead makes me cumming
My balls are even bluer than a smurf on vacation
Gimme the peels, weed and pussy, mind filled with nothing
Days without the good stuff gives me goosebumps and I'm fading
Feeling ever weaker that a spider with no legs and,
The legacy of hundred men standing with no conscience
I'm honest, but honestly the TV got me creeping
And radio is playing so much shit I just can focus
Hocus-Pocus, I disappear appearing living nothing but just powder
Brand power helping me choosing my syrup
I erupt, worst than a volcano bank Europe
Euros cause money's getting stronger than pesos
Ceso, get that cheese wiz and then spread it
So don't try to edit, just quit it
And give it the time for a minute
The time that it takes, the time and time think

A freak of the night I'm feeding
Lust the seed I need it
Sensations sedated
Going ape shit
Fantasy finding
Alternate universe
While being cursed
Give me a pound, take it
I ain't faking
Illegitimate illiterate sense indications
My heart on a silver platter
Showroom showcase
Half between the gates
3 dogs are barking for my steak
His long face throwing me a trace
Neck tied eyes wide
Seeing inside I can't escape
Black eyes
Carnal in mind
Amount a flock of goats
While the sheppard has no hope
We interlope and then we dance
Roots growing through my feet
From the fruit of a tree
I can't reach or can't eat

It takes more than a dime
To travel in time and space time that it takes
So get on the ride and how high will you get
Leaving your mind to take time to get wet
This Bloody Sizz, ayo
More than a dime
To travel threw space in time, time that it get
So get on the ride and how high will it take
Leaving your soul to take time to get wet
Time to get wet


from Abuseum, released September 11, 2013



all rights reserved


New Apple Taste Montréal, Québec

New Apple Taste is a band based in Montreal, composed of five musicians and two emcees.
New Apple Taste est un groupe montréalais, composé de cinq musiciens et de deux emcees.

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