Hoy Doy

from by New Apple Taste

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Ain't got money for my Pabst Blue Ribbon,
So I start shooting with my dad's new weapon

I want it all, from the money to the people bleeding gold
And the only gate away from this sorrow is holding on
From the power that you hold to the darkest burning soul
But it comes a time, you realize you don't fit in the mold
The discussions are persuasive and this case is getting old
Pop a molly, feeling naughty, dreams of fucking everybody
Had to put my goals on deck cause right now i'm feeling fresh
Mom and dad tried to put me in a box, and what not
But I broke this motherfucker while calling them a slut
Burn the house down getting more green than lucky charm
Sold my soul to the devil just to get a couple of bucks
Haven't dance with the devil for a while, don't give a fuck
I want it all, from the dog that licks its balls
To the cat about to fall
So I crush its stupid skulls and rip their lives to save mine
They don't understand me? I built my own government
Scream fuck the world, damn shit's irrelevant
Damn irrelevant so you can sing again
And every time I swear you can double clap your hand

Ain't got money for my
No feelings for that
Can't see you inside Breaking holes in a vat
What you having in mind? I'll be getting the bat
Pop the trunk around 9 Park outside by the back

Ain't got money for my Pabst Blue Ribbon
So I start shooting with my dad's new weapon

Now what I want, brother man
Walking tall, listen up
I'm going back again, get in the van, stand straight stand!
While the wall is over towering
Head hurting, wild turning, my eyes bleeding
I need another way to do this, perceived for me to see
The bright side from a dark mind overshadowing me
Instigate, infiltrating, obligation to this game and my oath
Sacrifice myself for the price, the board is set, pieces made
How can I help you today?
Or is it written on my face?
An old man from experience, fearing no death
A code to live by, samurai mind, cold killer inside
Forget a tranquil life, gotta have what's mine!
Sharper than the blade who kills the peacemaker
I'll be shaking my hands with money makers
I'll be eating the dogs who feed me
A menu full of swine is my only intake to make it, fear me, fear me!
Bend yourself by the knees!
Cause all i ever wanted was a place to be free!
But all i ever got was a killer's degree

Meat bags with Saran Wrap tags
And jet black interiors within my tinted glasses

Spiralling around and round we going
Full blown, full blooded, full steam ahead, terminator Down
Congratulations I'll be hitting rock bottom Down
Miscalculated apprehension, a cataclysm


from Abuseum, released September 11, 2013



all rights reserved


New Apple Taste Montréal, Québec

New Apple Taste is a band based in Montreal, composed of five musicians and two emcees.
New Apple Taste est un groupe montréalais, composé de cinq musiciens et de deux emcees.

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